GSM Arena Test XIAOMI 9 Phone for its Battery Capacity

XIAOMI Mi 9 smartphone

The XIAOMI 9 smartphone with powerful performance and ultra-high cost-effective won the affirmation of many netizens. But XIAOMI 9 packing 3300mAh battery has been criticized by netizens, or even 100mAh less than Xiaomi 8 battery capacity, more netizens directly reflect that 3300mAh battery is not enough.

"But is it true that Xiaomi 9's battery life is that bad?" Recently, the foreign media GSM Arena has done the aircraft power rating test for XIAOMI 9, including a series of other flagship mobiles, and they happened found that Xiaomi 9 life performance is excellent.

According to the test results of the GMS Arena, Xiaomi 9 endurance performance reached 91 hours, 5 hours longer than the last flagship XIAOMI 8, and 12 hours longer than iPhone XS Max, only behind the Huawei Mate 20, which has 92 hours life endurance.

GSM Arena's testing method is more special. In short, the phone is fully charged, and then use it to make an hour's phone call per day, brush an hour of web pages, watch an hour of video, the rest of the power is all used for standby, and then count the ability to adhere to the next charge when the tolerance time. XIAOMI 9's Excellent performance, also indicate that the Qualcomm Dragon 855 Power control is really good.

After the test, the brand manager of Redmi Lu Wei said to the media: "Well, Redmi 855 flagship life will be more bullish, then we dare to go with any friendly flagship to PK, we also let GSM arena test it." -Mobile China News

Xiaomi Mi9 smartphone video: 

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