How to fix your electric scooter?

Electric scooter repairs are important and critical for the proper performance of your vehicle. You have probably kept your scooter for a while but haven’t had it checked out or inspected. You may have noticed a few differences from when you first tried it out in the store or receive it from the online seller. Maybe it’s something with the brakes, or the throttle, speed, or even the wheels. Whatever it may be, as an electric scooter owner, you should have a good understanding of how to repair your vehicle. If you own one, then continue reading to learn how to solve the common problems for electric scooter repairs.

how to fix your electric scooter

Where to Get an Electric Scooter Repair?

You will ultimately need to undertake some electric scooter repair if you use your electric scooter regularly. Many items may be easily repaired with the help of user manual, service guide and the toolkit. If not, assistance isn't far away.

An electric scooter is not overly difficult, and most faults can be resolved without the need for a repair facility. If you're confused about something, chances are someone else has had the same problem, and you can discover the answer available on the internet. Still, here are the topmost options when you need to repair an electric scooter.


  1. Return to Seller or manufacturer

First, look at the electric scooter's warranty. The batteries, motors, controllers, wheels, and frames, for example, all have varied warranty duration on most scooters. If it is still under warranty period, you can take help from the seller or manufacturer for your electric scooter repair.

Some businesses provide 1-year warranty for the electric scooter, which is beneficial. If your electric scooter develops any mechanical faults during the warranty term, the original seller will assist you in resolving the issue. The seller may usually take the solution of sending electric scooter parts and replacing it as their first option. If it doesn’t help to repair it, they will then ask you to return the electric scooter to their repair office in your country or nearby. And the return and repair will take longer time than repair it yourself.


  1. Repair it yourself

Presently, you may readily find videos and other instructions on the internet that you can follow on your own. Many electric scooter manufacturers offer how-to videos to assist consumers in repairing their scooters. Per the video instructions, you may replace the inner tube or tire, calibrate the brake, replace the motor, controller, and so on. And the first condition is, you need to get the suitable accessory first from the seller or somewhere else.

DIY repairs will save you money on repairs, but they will also make you understand your scooter better. If you are unsure about fixing an electric scooter, do not act hastily and seek a mechanic in your area.


  1. PEV Repair Shops

With the boosting prevalence of e-scooters, PEV (personal electric vehicle) as well as moped repair service companies ought to be excellent for your electric scooter repair work. The majority of certainly, you will find many mobility scooter service center in your area.

Standard evaluation and also upkeep will be needed as the number of electric scooter travelers expands. Expert technicians will certainly get on hand to help you with many of your repairs at these PEV shops. It will certainly more than likely expensive than independent mobility scooter technicians, but the experience will be worth your money.


  1. Bike Repair Shops

If the situation with your e-scooter worsens and you cannot locate a technician or an electric scooter repair office in your area. In that case, you might visit a bike scooter repair shop to see if they can assist you with electric scooter repairs.

They can at least do minor repairs, such as replacing tires, tightening brakes, securing loose screws, and addressing specific steering and braking difficulties, even if they don't completely comprehend the scooter (electric scooter and electric bikes are different). If there isn't another repair shop nearby and you have no clue what to do, it's a good option to seek a bike repair business.


  1. Look For a Local Mechanic

Are you concerned that electric scooters will be difficult to repair? Don't be concerned! To address the problem, you may easily find a mechanic online.

The benefit of finding a local mechanic is that you will save time and money by not having to repair it. All you have to do to repair your e-scooter is move your fingertips to look up mechanics in your area and book an appointment for electric scooter repair. You can also go around the town and look for a local mechanic to help you with repairs.


How to Repair an Electric Scooter? The electric scooter may have the followed common issues, then we will repair it accordingly.


The Electric Scooter Is Not Charging

The majority of problems that cannot be charged are caused by a defective battery or broken charger. If you're not sure if the problem is with the charger or the battery, try troubleshooting it on other electric scooters of the same type. (But if you can’t troubleshoot the problem because you don’t have extra scooter or charger, take the charger behavior and diagnose whether it is charger problem or not. In normal condition, the charger light is green when connecting to the power source, then connect it to the scooter, it will begin to charge and the charger light will turn red. Then turn to green again after the scooter is fully charged). Then double-check to see if there's an issue with the charging port. If the charger works on the new scooter, and the charging port is working fine too, then battery is the problem. In this case, you need to replace the battery. 


The Engine Heats Up

A hostile atmosphere or handling can create excessive engine heat, such as extreme temperature or overloading. Before examining your electric scooter, we suggest you turn it off and let it cool down first.


When it's safe to test the electric scooter, look for problems with the wiring, fuse, or electrical regulator. Your e-scooter can still run despite wiring and fuse troubles. However, you should contact your professional right away for electric scooter repair.


Abnormal Brake Sound

The abnormal brake sound is prevalent on disc brakes. The strange sound happens when the spacing between the brake rotor and the brake pads is not uniform owing to bumps while riding, causing the brake pad on one side to grind against the brake rotor.


In this case, you may slowly tweak these two screws to maintain equal spacing between the two sides. The repair is complete when the tire rotates without making a rubbing sound.


The Scooter Is Slowing Down

When your electric scooter slows down or stops during a ride, particularly on flat roads, it indicates that the batteries are out of power or depleted. Fortunately, there is a useful solution to this e-scooter problem. This can only be fixed by charging the battery again or replacing new batteries. To avoid the scooter stop working on the way, please pay more attention to the battery capacity before going outside with your electric scooter.


The Speed Controller Is Faulty

If your speed controller is broken, you'll need to disassemble it first. Then, tighten or replace any loose or broken wires. After that, put it back together again. Reassemble with caution to prevent getting it wrong and to keep yourself safe. Pay attention to verify the smoothness of the acceleration on your electric scooter.


There Is No Acceleration

After you turn on the electric scooter and press the accelerator, if there is no acceleration, check your speed controller or fuse to solve the problem. Speed difficulties might be caused by a defective speed controller or a damaged fuse. You may also look at the wiring to see if there is an electrical problem. If your controller, fuse or wiring appears to be in good working condition, take it to be checked by a professional right away.


The Electric Scooter Shuts Off While Riding

If the electric scooter shuts off while riding, check whether the motor is extremely hot or has any loose wires. Make sure the cables are securely fastened. You may also wait a few moments after your electric scooter has completely stopped. Then turn on the scooter all over again to repair the electric scooter.


The Tire Is Flat

If your tire has a puncture, one option is to use tire sealant. But if the rupture is too large, the tire may need to be replaced. Based on your e-scooter type, removing and replacing your wheel and tire may be difficult. So, contact a professional right away.


Repair of your electric scooter is critical for both comfort and security when riding. While specialized electric scooters or moped repair businesses are preferred, practically any repair solution is preferable to ignoring an issue. We have talked about the electric scooter main issue and how and where to repair it, hope it is helpful to all of you with an electric scooter.

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