KugooKirin G3 Electric Scooter vs KuKirin G3 Pro Electric Scooter

The G3 and G3 Pro electric scooters on this post come from the same company -Kugoo. They have several brands: the previous Kugoo, KugooKirin and now the KuKirin. The KugooKirin G3 electric scooter was released in 2021, while the KuKirin G3 Pro electric scooter came to our eyes in 2023, as the updated version of the former. Both of the scooters are designed to be an off-road one and with very powerful motors. Today, we are going to discuss the features and differences between the 2 electric scooters.

Kukirin G3 Pro electric scooter


  1. Scooter Appearance And Design

The design of KugooKirin G3 electric scooter is inspired by the cheetah who is speedy. It has a good looking appearance, high-value performance and with front and rear dual rocker arms. The whole vehicle packs diamond facet division technology with compact and simple line, pursuing of appearance as well as the speed aesthetics. It adopts high-strength aluminum alloy frame, integrated design, no welds in the whole vehicle. The frame does not have any welding points, all connections are fixed by high-strength stainless steel bolts.


The G3 Pro electric scooter also has a very good looking appearance. It is designed with openwork technology, both the hollowed-out front beam shock absorber arm and the playful cutout rear wing inject new vitality into the scooter, presenting a fresh and elegant temperament.


  1. Electric Scooter Motor

The G3 electric scooter has a motor on rear wheel with 48V, 1200W real powerful driving force, which supports a max speed of 50km/h, 1000r/min max RPM, 25N.m max output torque, 120kg loading capacity and 30 degrees of grade-ability. The motor adopts a dual heat dissipation structure, so the peak performance is maintained longer.


The KuKirin G3 Pro electric scooter carries dual 1200W motors on both front and rear wheels. With a total 2400W motor, the electric scooter can reach a 65km/h of highest speed, 1950 rmp/min max RPM, up to 30N.m max output torque, 150kg max loading and it can climb the hill of up to 35 degrees slope. It will give you the pleasure of galloping when pressing the accelerator.


  1. Battery

The battery capacity of G3 electric scooter is 18Ah, it is the high-quality power type 18650 lithium-ion battery with continuous high-rate current output capability, supports a range of 70km (tested under gear 2 speed, and the rider's weight is 65kg). It needs about 8-10 hours to charge the scooter fully.


The KuKirin G3 Pro has a bigger battery than G3 electric scooter. The capacity is 23.2Ah, which supports a 80km mileage. Besides, there is a very good highlight for the battery, it can be removed. It is more convenient to charge the scooter because you can take the battery out and charge it. The charging time for the G3 Pro electric scooter needs about 11 hours.


And the G3 Pro is equipped with two charging ports on the scooter. If you are charging the scooter with two chargers at the same time, it will save your time. With different chargers, and use one or two charging ports, the charging time will be different.

Charger output current 2A 3A  5A
Charging time (one charger) 10 hours 7 hours 4 hours
Charging time (two chargers) 5 hours 3 hours 2 hours


  1. All-terrain Tires

The KugooKirin G3 electric scooter packs two 10.5” pneumatic tires, while the G3 Pro has 10*2.5" rubber air tires. Both tires are all-terrain type that has large ground area and good passing capacity no matter on flat road surface, bumpy road surface or road with sands. It won't get stuck in the mud on rainy days and has a good shock absorption ability.


  1. Smart Instrument

The G3 electric scooter has a really big intelligent touch controlled display showing all the real-time data of the scooter. For example: motor voltage, battery voltage, battery electricity, mileage, motor temperature, velocity, light status, light adjustment, speed adjustment, driving mode, gear, cruise control, etc.


The G3 Pro electric scooter uses a simple, safe and convenient smart meter, the real-time data transmission of the whole vehicle, the instrument, gear shifting, mileage, power, speed, etc are all at a glance.


  1. Headlight, Taillight and Side Light

The G3 electric scooter has a 7-light system, which includes 2 front illumination lights, 2 side mood lights and 3 taillight (brake lights). It can not only illuminate the road ahead, but also protect your safety left and right and rear. While the G3 Pro electric scooter has an updated light system, it has 11 lights (4 headlights, 4 side lights and 3 taillights). It has 2 turning lights apart from the brake light that can be flashing when turning left or right.


  1. Shock Mitigation System

The KugooKirin G3 e-scooter carries powerful four-arm shock absorption, with the strong shock absorption system, the scooter can challenge all kinds of terrain that you want, all the way forward. And on the basis of the four-arm shock absorption that G3 has, G3 Pro electric scooter packs well-tuned damping spring shock absorbers effectively cushion bumps in difficult terrain. You can drive the scooter on rough terrain to maximize your fun and enjoy a comfortable ride on every riding experience.


  1. Brake System

The G3 electric scooters carries dual disc brake on front and rear wheels, the ventilated cooling disc brake is safe, easy and fast to control, no fear of high speed. And the G3 Pro electric scooter packs front and rear oil brake.


  1. Other Features

The electric scooters have extra long pedals, which will be more comfortable when standing on it. Besides, they have 3 different speed modes for your selection, the max speed limit can be removed as you need, cruise function and APP supported.


If you are looking for an off-road electric scooter with more powerful performance, take these G3 and G3 Pro electric scooter into consideration, they will be a good choice.

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