What's Non-zero Startup and Zero Startup for the Electric Scooters?

Non-zero startup and zero startup for the electric scooter

Nowadays, more and more people are using the electric scooter as a transportation tool to go to the office, school, neighborhood, etc. It is very convenient because it is lightweight and you can take it anywhere. Today, let's talk about the start-up of the e-scooter. There are mainly two designs for this, "Non-zero startup" and "Zero startup". What's the difference between these two options?

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When you get your electric scooter ready, turn it on, then you are likely to step on the scooter and ride it. For the electric scooter that are designed to be "Zero startup", you only need to press the accelerator slowly, then the scooter will move and work. It is very simple, right? The answer is yes. But there is a disadvantage for this kind of electric scooter. After the scooter is power on, if you press the accelerator by mistake, or the scooter fall down, and the accelerator is pressed by the object, it will move and rush out. It is very dangerous. 

While for the electric scooter with "Non-zero startup" design, when the scooter stands there, and you press the accelerator, it won't go! So you may think it is defective? No, the scooter works fine, it just need an initial speed to start. How to make it work? We guess that most of you rode the kick scooter when you are a child. It is the same operation to ride the electric scooter. Put one of your foot to the scooter pedal, and use the other foot to step backward, so the scooter start to have an initial speed. After that, press the accelerator, the electric scooter will get a power and begin to work. Now you can step both foot to the pedal and ride the electric scooter normally.

"Non-zero startup" and "Zero startup", which one is better? Please common below and let us know about it.

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Yes, the non-zero startup electric scooter will be better for safe reason.


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