10 Buying Guides For The Electric Scooters

electric scooter buying guide

The electric scooters are offering people a way of transportation, which can travel up to five times quicker than walking while being environmentally friendly, fun and very low cost. An electric scooter would be a good fit for your commuter lifestyle, too.

With more and more people are considering of buying an electric scooter, it is very important for them to know what aspects should we consider for buying an applicable electric scooter. Here we’ve compiled this beginner’s electric scooter buying guide for help.

1. Your price range
The first thing that come to our mind should be the price of the scooter. It should be a good reason because it will affect your decision a lot. For example, if you only have a budget of below $300, between $300 to $500, $500 to $1000 or above $1000, there will be more different suggestions on which electric scooter to buy.

2. Mileage and battery capacity

You should ask yourself, what do you use the electric scooter for? We believe that most of the people are using it for commuting from home to the company. The mileage of the e-scooter should at least promise the back and forth trip,then you can charge it again when backing home. It will give you more confidence on riding the scooter. If the scooter is out of power on the way, there is no way for you to use it again. In this condition, you can refer the battery capacity and range of the scooter.

3. Product Weight & Max loading Ability

When choosing an e-scooter, you should consider both the net weight of the scooter, which impacts its portability, as well as the weight limits for riders. Think about your commute and how much weight you can carry when going up the stairs or hold steady while riding the bus or subway. We suggest an electric scooter with higher max loading ability than your weight and with net weight that you can take care of easily when carrying it.

4. Maximum speed
As we all know, the electric scooter has a max speed, and it will be affected by rider's weight, road condition, riding speed, etc. Just know how fast do you want to go? Make sure to pick a scooter that can keep up with you, but also consider the safety when riding an electric scooter. Most of the electric scooters may support a max speed of 25km/h or above. We believe this will fulfill your need.

5. Motor power
You should choose an electric scooter with at least 250W of power. That’ll be sufficient to get you across flat ground and over small hills. If you need to ride uphill, pay attention to the grade-ability of the scooter, and choose an electric scooter with 350W or above motor.

6. Wheel and tire
Electric scooters either come with pneumatic or airless tires. While pneumatic tires provide more shock absorption, they also require more maintenance than airless tires. Now on the market, most electric scooters carries 8.0 inch, 8.5 inch and 10 inch wheels, the wheel sizes are suitable in daily life usage. Besides, there is one more thing for the wheel we should consider. Is it a normal wheel or off-road wheel? If you want to ride the scooter at sand beach or snow field, then the off-road wheel e-scooter will be perfect for you.

7. Brake type
When considering of riding safety, the brake type will be an important factor. There are a few different types of brakes available for e-scooters: Electronic brake, foot brakes (rear brake), drum brakes and disc brakes. Of these types, disc brakes are the most effective and reliable, and a lot of electric scooters carry disc brake. Electronic brakes require zero maintenance and work well when combined with a foot brake.

8. Lighting system
To ensure your safety, make sure you have sufficient lighting for your e-scooter. You can always purchase additional lights for your e-scooter, but the best scooters have great built-in LED headlight and taillight. There is no need to worry about this aspect because we see that most of the electric scooters are satisfactory.

9. Brand Awareness
There are so many electric scooter brands online to choose from, we can search on Google or Youtube for the brand/company before your purchasing. We may find some reviews and the comments for the electric scooters. But it just for your reference, you need to make your own decision.

10. Warranty protection
Now on the market, most of the brands of scooter can offer a warranty of 1 year. They always have warehouse and repair office in US, EU and UK. It can promise a good and fast after-sale service. Besides, with some problems no need to be returned and repaired, the sellers can send spare parts to the customers to replace it.

We hope that the article is helpful, and you can choose a perfect electric scooter that suits you better.

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