8 factors that affect the range of electric scooters

Electric scooters are powered by electricity, which is very labor-saving to ride, and can also be folded up when not in use for easy carrying, so electric scooters are very popular with young people. When we choose an electric scooter, the most concerned is the range. Is it true that the larger the battery capacity is, the greater the range? In this article, we will expand on the factors that affect the mileage of electric scooters.

8 factors that affect electric scooter range


  1. Battery capacity

Generally speaking, with same voltage, the larger battery capacity, the longer range the electric scooter will have. That's why the customers consider the battery capacity a lot when choosing their e-scooter. Besides, the battery capacity will decrease with the increase of time. The new electric scooter has a stronger battery life, and the battery life will be shortened over time.


If properly maintained, a lithium-ion battery can usually last about 1000 times before it reaches 80% of its original capacity. This means that if you use an electric scooter every day, the battery will last for about 1-3 years. Regular maintenance and correct charging of the scooter and its battery helps keep the battery working efficiently.


  1. Motor rating

In the market, electric scooters usually carry a 250W, 350W, 500W, 800W, 1200W or 2000W motor. As we all know, the electric scooter will have more power if it carries a larger rating motor. But there is one thing that has been ignored by most of us: The larger motor, the more power the electric scooter consumes.


The type of motor and its power output are also important factors in determining the range of electric scooters. Generally, we will divide motors into three different categories: single motor, dual motor, and Quad motor setup. Powerful motors can usually reach high speeds, but they can also run out of the battery rapidly. More powerful motors may also be more prone to be worn out and damage.


Electric scooters with lower motor rating are suitable for commuting in the city, they usually has 250W or 350W motor. But if you have lots of chance to ride the electric scooter in a mountain area, you have to choose an electric scooter with higher motor, and it will be very power hungry.


  1. Tires of the scooter

There are many tire types for the electric scooters, for example, inflatable tires, vacuum tires, steel wire run-proof tires, widen fat anti-skid tires, etc. Actually, only few people know that the tire with better quality, more widen surface will make the electric scooter grips the road surface more firmly and will not slip, consequently it will affect (decrease) the range of the scooter.


And the electric scooter carrying with widen tires and steel wire run-proof tires will consume the battery more rapidly than electric scooters with normal tires. But the wider tire or the explosion proof tire has a much better quality as well as the lifetime. The buyer should think carefully and know which is more important, tire lifetime or lower battery consumption.


Besides, the tire size and type can also affect the range of electric scooters. The electric scooter with larger tires (wheels) supports higher max speed, but offers lower accelerate speed than electric scooter with smaller tires. And please pay more attention to the tire pressure, the electric scooter tire that lack of air may also decrease the range of the e-scooter.


  1. Riding speed and behavior

In general, riding the electric scooter and keep the same speed will have a better range, while speed up or brake a lot when riding will decrease the range. Most electric scooters on market supports 3 riding modes (lower mode, middle mode and faster mode).


When riding the scooter under faster mode, it will increase the power consumption of the motor, and the driving speed directly affects the endurance of the scooter. It is not recommended to ride the electric scooter with higher speed mode if it is not necessary because in this case of speed, the electric scooter is very power-consuming. Many people like to ride electric scooter at high speed when commuting to work or on daily travel, it is not safe, and it also will increase the power consumption of the battery.


Here are some good riding behavior:

1). Pedal support acceleration (especially when starting)

2). Avoid braking suddenly and then accelerating

3). Try to accelerate smoothly

4). Try not to start the scooter when going uphill

5). Ride the scooter at lower speed


  1. Rider's weight

The electric scooter will have a max loading capacity. We always suggest the rider's weight less than scooter's max loading capacity, or it is not safe and it will do harm to the electric scooter. The rider with lower weight can reach to higher speed easier and has less battery consumption, then has a larger range. And if you have a heavier weight, the range of the electric scooter will be decreased.


  1. Road condition

The range data for the e-scooters are often tested on flat and good condition road surface. But in daily life, if you are riding the scooter on different terrains, for example, not flat surface (going up and downhill), not smooth road surface with soil and sand, and some other road that has more attrition with the tires. In all these conditions, the electric scooter range may be less than description. That's what we should know when reading the scooter range on the website.


  1. Working temperature

The battery capacity will be also affected by external temperature. On a cold winter day, your electric scooter may have 15% less range on one battery than on a mild summer day. For those of you who live in seasonal areas, you need to have an expectation for the capacity to be affected by outside temperatures!


  1. The wind direction and speed

We also need to take the wind into consideration, it will affect the range of the scooter. When we are riding again the wind, it will add to the consumption of battery and then lead to lower range. While riding the scooter at the same direction that the wind blow, it will increase the range. And the wind speed will influence the scooter range.


The larger range of the scooter, the better?

Of course the answer is NO. There are so many electric scooters on the market with different battery capacity and range. Electric scooters with higher range may be convenient, but it will be more expensive. Therefore, when choosing an electric scooter, you can choose an electric scooter that is more suitable for you according to your actual situation.


When we use the electric scooter for days, we may find out that the real range of the e-scooter is not the same as described by the seller. Don't worry and get angry, read the post and you will know why.

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