BOGIST M3 Pro Electric Scooter Review

BOGIST M3 Pro electric scooter review

BOGIST is a new electric scooter company located in Shenzhen, China. Their main categories include self balance scooter, home and outdoor products. Bogist creating this brand with the soul of groundhogs, and hoping that the riding experience for BOGIST electric scooters will be as carefree as groundhogs and feel happy.

The BOGIST M3 PRO electric scooter is an excellent scooter for kids, students and beginners who are looking for a lightweight, height adjustable, rather powerful and safe to ride electric scooter. If you are in the market for a kid's electric scooter that is both stylish, powerful and easy to ride, read on for our review of the outstanding M3 Pro electric scooter.


  • It has ultra-light body, easy to carry and supports height adjustment;
  • The scooter packs intelligent LCD display screen & bright LED headlight;
  • 350W powerful motor and 7.5Ah battery supports high speed and range;


  • The honeycomb wheel makes it shake a little when riding.
  • The outside design cable makes it not look good and unsafe.

The BOGIST M3 Pro electric scooter has an excellent performance when consider of the price. It carries 36V, 350W brush-less motor, with 600rmp/min of Max RPM, breaking through terrain limitations, and you can climb uphill with ease. The scooter supports a max speed of 25 km/h and 3 speed modes, user can ride the scooter with different speed which is totally under controlled.

Battery and charging time
With a 7.5Ah lithium rechargeable battery, the scooter can be ridden for about 25 to 30km range in a single charge. The distance is long enough to ride around the city or ride to and from school and work. The battery rechargeable time can be as long as 600 times, and the battery requires some maintenance for it to last longer. Besides, it normally takes 7 hours to fully charge the scooter.

Design and build quality
The BOGIST M3 Pro electric scooter has an elegant design and good build quality.The frame is made of Aluminum alloy, which is lightweight and in good quality. The scooter only weights about 11.85 kg, it can be folded and carried everywhere you want easily. On the other hand, the pole of the scooter can be moved up and down to adjust the height of the electric scooter. The applicable height of the handlebar is from 130 cm to 170 cm, it is suitable for different height children and adults.

Wheel and Tyre
The two 8.0" honeycomb wheels on the scooter make it non-punctured, wear-resistant and safely travel through different road condition like dirt road, rain and even more terrible terrain. Though the honeycomb wheel will lower the riding comfort-ability, the electric scooter has front and rear shock absorption design with spring, which will decrease the shocking when riding and offer a smooth riding experience.

Smart LCD display and Light system
The M3 Pro e-scooter is equipped with an intelligent waterproof LCD liquid crystal instrument display, which can show battery status, riding speed, riding time, distance and speed mode, etc. It is a really big screen with more information and functional key to power the scooter on and off, turn on/off the LED headlight, switch the speed mode, the mph to/from kph and others. The electric scooter also carries 36V, 0.04A LED headlight and taillight, with the bright and power-saving light system, the user can ride the scooter at night safely.

Safety features
When riding the electric scooter, safety may be considered as the top factor than others. The electric scooter has rubber handlebars with grain on it, so the rider can hold the scooter firmly. And the scooter supports electronic brake, which can be controlled on the left handlebar, it is pretty easy for the rider to use and stop immediately, even if they are riding at a high speed.

The BOGIST M3 Pro comes with a 180-day warranty period. So for any defect or issue, you can get it replaced or repaired.

Bogist M3 Pro electric scooter video

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