How to Do Electric Scooter Maintenance?

On previous post published on March 29th we are talking about how to fix your electric scooter. And today we will discuss how to do electric scooter maintenance. Apparently, in order to reduce the likelihood of electric scooter failure, it is best to learn how to maintain your electric scooter. Scooter maintenance is critical to keeping your vehicle running nice and smooth. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

how to do electric scooter maintenance

As a start, you need to do the following:

1. Keep it clean: Keep the e-scooter clean can prevent it from damaging and being corroded by the dirt and water.

2. Avoid rain: If you are riding the electric scooter on rainy day, the water will probably get into the inner structure of the scooter through the interface or aperture where the water may get in touch with.

3. Charge regularly: If you don’t need to ride the scooter and store it at the corner for a long time, it is better to charge it regularly, or the electric scooter battery will be automatically under low-voltage protection and can not charge it again. We suggest charge the scooter once a month though you don’t use it. Besides, charge the scooter soon after it runs out of power, and cut off the power source after it is fully charged.

4. Check bolts: By doing this, we can avoid many unexpected accidents that caused by damage of the scooter.

Regularly doing these things above will save you time and money from many problems in the future.


How to extent the battery life of the electric scooter? Here are 6 golden rules to extend your battery life.

1). Make sure you're using the original charger.

2). Charge your scooter after it cools down, not right after a ride.

3). Keep your scooter above negative temperatures. 

4). Unplug your charger when the battery is full.

5). Don't let your battery completely run out.

6). If your battery does run out, charge it as soon as possible.


Maintain your battery and you will get numerous good rides out of it.

Cleaning the scooter

Be noticed that always turn off your scooter when cleaning it. Because you don't want to short the electronics in your vehicle.

Your electric scooter is not a bike and is most likely not waterproof. Please keep in mind that never spray it with a hose, and don’t ride it when raining. 


Tires replacement

As cars, your scooter tires need to be replaced regularly. Worn-out tires can make your ride dangerous by being more prone to accidents and punctures.


Tire Pressure

Maintaining the recommended tire pressure is the best option. Always have a gauge with you and check your tires often. The recommended tire pressure optimizes the performance of your scooter. If there is too much air, the tires could burst. Alternatively, too little air can affect your speed. On our other post, we mentioned that the perfect tire pressure can also reduce power consumption and increase the range of electric scooter. Read our post “8 factors that affect the range of electric scooters”.



Brakes are crucial to your safety and the protection of your scooter. Therefore, check the brakes regularly and make fine adjustments so you can have these benefits:


  • Save the battery
  • Save on brake pads, calipers, and brake shoes
  • Save your rims' braking surface
  • Free spin
  • Get a faster ride


Grips /handlebars

The grips will eventually wear out. When it starts to feel like that you can’t maintain a grip on the handlebars, it is time for you to replace it, which will make the operation more correctly and have a safe riding.


To sum up

Preventative maintenance, such as keeping the e-scooter clean, charging the scooter regularly, checking and adjusting the brake, will reduce the number of repairs required in the future and make e-scooter riding more fun. The scooter maintenance is not like scooter repair, it is what we should do before the issue arrive and avoid it in advance.


These scooters offer the best comfort, convenience and fun, and the manufacturer also provides excellent warranty terms that include everything from basic manufacturing faults to major technical issues. So, you can enjoy a top-notch riding experience without worries. Have fun with your electric scooter!

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