Kugoo Kirin Electric Scooters Highlights Introduction

The brand of Kugoo Kirin was founded in 2018, a technology company focusing on intelligent riding vehicles, is committed to the development and operation of high-tech electric scooters and electric bicycles. The company offers a high-efficiency sense of service, and always upholds the purpose of "efficiency, improvement and common prosperity".

Since that some users are interested in knowing more about the Kugoo electric scooters, on this article, we are picking some of the models and exploring the product highlights. Hoping that it will be some helps for you to make a decision. 

Kugoo Kirin G1 electric scooter highlights

Kugoo Kirin G1 electric scooter

1. Dual powered motors: The Kugoo Kirin G1 off-road electric scooter carries dual 1000W motors, the highest speed can reach to 65km/h even in 150kg load. In order to ensure off-road performance, the company has selected a permanent magnet brushless DC motor, which can still burst into strong power in the case of complex road conditions.

2. Super power battery pack: the electric scooter adopts 52V, 18.2Ah super battery, selects high-safety 18650 lithium battery cell, equipped with integrated IC battery motherboard, to ensure battery safety and stable high-performance output. The G1 endurance up to 65km, strong power from a strong core.

3. Dual charging port: It is the first model for Kugoo Kirin to packs a dual charging port system, with a 2A charger in the box of your electric scooter, you can buy an additional charger, then you can use these two 2A chargers at the same time with current 4A fast charging. It only needs 5-6 hours to fully charge the scooter, more sophisticated circuit protection board design, charging fast and safe.

4. Unique mid-mounted shock absorption: The Kugoo Kirin G1 adopts a unique mid-mounted spring & torque double shock absorption. The high-strength spring is the guarantee of G1's good off-road performance. Besides, the scooter has a first-class passability due to its softness and hardness can also be adjusted by the upper and lower 150LBS amplitude, and with a higher pedal height. The excellent shock absorption feature is a best sign that G1 prides itself on.

5. Single and dual drive switching configuration: In order to adapt to different road conditions, the Kirin G1 electric scooter is designed with a single and dual wheel drive switching function and ECO speed limit function (speed limit 30 km/h), under the premise of ensuring driving pleasure, it can improve the efficiency of power use and extend the cruising range.

6. Unique design of handlebars: The G1 uses a wide cutout rubber handle, with a metal anti-collision block on both sides of the handlebars, no need to worry about the accident caused by hand off when riding. Besides, the widened handle can let you grasp more firmly, hollow ventilation compartment so that hand sweat no longer affect the safety of riding.

7. Pole locking structure: Due to the foldability of the pole, it is difficult for ordinary models to achieve a complete fit of the locking device. In order to solve this technical difficulty, the G1 electric scooter creatively adopts a double locking structure, using a fixing ring and two high-strength quick-release locks to improve the stability of the pole to the extreme, making riding a completely funny thing.

8. Integrated handlebars: It adopts a one-piece handlebar with stronger toughness. With a higher strength of the handlebar standing pole, there will be no loosing and shaking problem even after a long period of use. The streamlined bull head design, extra lengthening, longer arm, more convenient for handling, and can be freely installed with a variety of accessories such as a front bag and a mobile phone holder.

9. Oversized & widen pedal: Since off-road riding may require frequent adjustment of the center of gravity for tilt operation, the G1 e-scooter intimately designed an over-sized widen non-slip metal rear foot pedal, so that you have a more secure sense of security when pedaling, which makes the electric scooter more playable.

10. Oversized wide rear fenders: The G1 uses a widened rear fender to minimizes the gap between the fenders and the tires, solving the problem of splashing mud on rainy days or muddy roads, making it easier for you to ride in the rain.

Kugoo Kirin G2 Pro electric off road scooter highlights

Kugoo Kirin G2 Pro electric scooter

The G2 Pro is an off-road electric scooter with very high cost-effective. Here we will talk about 10 selling points of it below.

1. Detachable seat: with a complete set of adjustable seat, large leather cushions, soft and comfortable, thick and wide seat cushions, when you are tired of off-road riding with the scooter, you can try to install the saddle, this will be a good experience.

2. Front and rear double spring damping system: The carefully tuned spring shock absorbers effectively cushion the bumps caused by complex terrain, and you can drive it on the rough road to maximize your fun traveling.

3. Powerful motor: The KuKirin G2 Pro electric scooter has a 600W brushless powerful motor, promise a soaring speed even on off-road terrain. And it supports 3 speed mode, the top speed is 45 km/h (first gear 15 km/h, second gear 30 km/h, third gear 45 km/h), let the ride more freewheeling. 

4. Dual disc brake system: it carries front and rear double disc brake. The front and rear 120 mm wire control disc brake, ventilation and heat dissipation disc, make you no fear of high speed, giving you a confidence to stop when you want to, even in a high speed.

 5. All-terrain tires: 9-inch pneumatic off-road tires, with wide coverage, will not fall into the mud when riding in rainy day. It also has a good shock absorption, no fear of complex road conditions.

6. High-quality battery: 15Ah large-capacity high-quality power lithium-ion battery, offers continuous high rate current output capacity, providing a 55 km long mileage. After about 8 hours' charging, you can go outside with your electric scooter and have a long riding travel.

7. Quick folding design: The folding mechanism is simple and easy to operate. We only need to lift up, pull and press the button to fold quickly, which is convenient for you to put the scooter into your car truck. There is one thing needs to be mentioned, the Kugoo Kirin G2 Pro has a separate folding lock to make you safer when riding.

8. LED high-definition display: with a digital display screen, at a glance to see the status of the electric scooter in real time. We can change the driving mode through the button at any time. Whether you want laid-back comfort or the ultimate wildness, it can give you the fun you want.

9. LED lighting system: The G2 Pro electric scooter has 6 lights in total for you to illuminate and protect your safety. 1 headlight + 2 auxiliary road lights + 3 warning tail lights, not only can illuminate the road ahead you, but also protect your left and right and rear safety. 

10. Height adjustable front pole: it is equipped with an adjustable pole. There are 3 gears, which is also to give users a new sense of riding experience, but also can adjust the height according to their own preferences.

Kugoo Kirin G3 electric scooter highlights

Kugoo Kirin G3 electric scooter

The Kugoo Kirin G3 electric scooter adopts bionic form design, with high performance and good looking appearance, front and rear swing arms, mimetic bionic, like a running cheetah. The whole scooter has diamond sectioning, compact and concise line, pursuit of beauty while achieving a better wind breaking effect. It pushes the high-power electric scooter speed aesthetics to a new height. 

1. Elegant frame body: The scooter has all aluminum frame, integrated design, no weld seam in the whole body. The whole frame is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, integrated die-casting front axle, high-strength forging folding parts. In order to make you feel at ease, the frame does not have any welding points, and all the connecting parts are fixed with high-strength stainless steel bolts.

2. Cool taillight: The electric scooter carries a rear-drive sports car-style architecture, easy to enjoy the fun of tilting. Besides, the G3 electric scooter uses rear-drive arrangement, you can do tail flicking, cocking as you want. And safety warning taillights allow you to leave a dazzling back shadow at night.

3. Powerful motor: It is equipped with 1200W real power, making you enjoy the soaring speed. It is the air-cooled hub motor, peak power can be up to 1200W, maximum speed up to 50km/h. The motor adopts a dual heat dissipation structure, so the peak performance can be maintained for a longer time.

4. Brake system: The electric scooter has front and rear double disc brake. The front and rear 120 mm wire control disc brake, ventilation and heat dissipation disc, no fear of high speed riding, giving you the confidence to stop whenever you want.

5. All-terrain tires: 10.5-inch inflatable off-road tires. It has a wide coverage, so don't worry about falling into the mud when riding in the rainy day. The tires has good shock absorption and grip capacity, no fear of complex road conditions. It is compatible with different terrain conditions.

6. High-quality battery: 52V 18Ah, 18650 large-capacity lithium-ion battery with continuous high-rate current output capability. It can promise a range of 70 km under condition of 65kg load and riding at gear #2. By the way, the range varies according to the rider weight, road condition, temperature and riding behavior, etc. 

7. Smart instrument: The G3 has a touchable intelligent digital screen. It shows almost all the data for the electric scooter, for example, the voltage, motor temperature, speed, light status, non-zero startup (or zero startup), mileage, battery remaining, gear and cruise control. We can switch the speed mode, startup mode, lights that you want. 

8. Lighting system: The scooter has 7 light system, for you to illuminate, protect your safety, as well as the front and rear left and right lighting system. It not only can give you light the road ahead, but also protect your left and right and rear safety.

If you want to know more features of the KUGOO electric scooter, tell us in the comment.

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