BOGIST M5 Pro Electric Scooter Review

BOGIST M5 Pro electric scooter review

BOGIST is a new electric scooter company located in Shenzhen, China. Their main categories include self balance scooter, home and outdoor products. Bogist creating this brand with the soul of groundhogs, and hoping that the riding experience for BOGIST electric scooters will be as carefree as groundhogs and feel happy.

The BOGIST M5 PRO is a model of electric scooter with 12" big inflatable wheels. When we are first looking at the electric scooter, its big wheel, foldable front pole, remove-able saddle and back basket make it looks like an electric bike. If you are looking for an electric scooter with big wheel, and want to use it on daily life, read on for our review of the M5 Pro electric scooter below.

The BOGIST M5 Pro electric scooter has an excellent riding performance with 48V, 500W brush-less motor, which allows for a 40 km/h max speed. We use the right handlebar with rotary accelerator throttle to speed up or slow down the scooter as we want.It has a good energy, and it can load the weight up to 150kg.

Battery and Charging
The BOGIST M5 Pro carries a 11.0Ah lithium battery. After fully charged the scooter, we can rider a distance of about 30km. So no matter you ride to work, go to the super market, or visit your friends in the city, there is no need to worry about the scooter battery is used up when riding.

Design and Build Quality
The BOGIST M5 Pro electric scooter has an rather simple design. The front pole is fold-able, the saddle and the rear packet can be taken apart. After folded, it may save a lot of space to store the electric scooter. The front and rear wheels pack dis brake, which can brake and stop the scooter very smoothly and safe. There is a LED headlight installed in the front pole, a display near the right handlebar, and a lock on the left handlebar side to turn on or lock the electric scooter. There is also a mobile mock to stable your phone, so we can open the GPS and get to a new place very easily.

Wheels and Tyre
The 12 inch pneumatic tires are bigger than most of the other electric scooter tires, and the wheels are widthen ones, so it will have great riding experience when riding.

LCD Display and Light System
The M5 Pro electric scooter is equipped with LCD display. On the display shows battery capacity, speed, range, etc. The LED headlight is not a built-in one, it is just installed to the front pole and not connected with the scooter battery.

The BOGIST M5 PRO electric scooter is equipped with DUAL disc brake system. The dual brake system are controlled through the left and right hand throttle, it will shorten brake distance, making the riding safer.

The BOGIST M5 Pro comes with a 180-day warranty period. So for any defect or issue, you can get it replaced or repaired.

The 12" widthen big wheels can pass through more tough road surface.
The electric scooter has a 30-35km range.
It has an installed seat, rider can sit on it when riding, very comfortable.
The scooter has dual disc brake, very safe to ride.
The lock design power on/off

There are too many lines outside the scooter near the pole.
The headlight is not attractive and bright enough.

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