Electric Scooter on Baidu Baike

Electric scooter on Baidu Baike
The electric scooters are electric vehicles that based on the traditional human skateboard plus power kits. At present time, the electric scooter are generally divided into two-wheel drive or one-wheel drive e-scooter. The most common transmission methods are: hub motor (HUB), and belt drive, the main source of electricity is lithium battery pack.

1. Brief Introduction

The electric scooter control mode is the same with electric bicycle. It is easy to be learned by the driver, equipped with removable and collapsible seat. And it has a more simple structure, with smaller wheels, light weight and simple design, which can save a lot of materials and social resources. In recent years, the rapid development of the lithium batteries has given birth to new demand and trend for the electric scooter.

2. Attribution

The electric scooters mainly include: 1. electronic kick-scooter with electric drive and which can glide on foot; 2. the electric scooter which mainly relies on the electric drive.

3. Brief History

The earlier electric scooters are using lead-acid batteries, iron frame, external brush motor and belt drive. Although it is lighter than the electric bicycles, but not easy to carry. The most important progress for the electric scooter is the folding design, lightweight and compact design, making it to be the present electric scooter, and it begin to be widely attracted by the urban users, then it began to grow fast.

4. Test the test criteria

SN/T 1428-2004 Import and export electric scooter inspection procedures

SN/T 1365-2004 Import and export scooter mechanical safety performance inspection procedures

5. Trend of development

As the road (terrain) quality is improving, and the electric scooters, as the most important and influential faction of scooters, have taken over to replace mainstream electric bikes. At present, it is only limited to the current regulations and legislation itself that is not standardized. It will has an unprecedented development after the bottlenecks are resolved in the near future.

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