The reason why the hoverboard is unbalanced and how to recalibrate it?

How to recalibrate the hoverboard

The hoverboard is a two wheel board that can controlled by rider's barycenter, so we can ride the board forward, backward, turn left and right very easily. But in some occasions, the hoverboard will become unbalanced, so it won't be ridden smoothly or even cause an accident, it is dangerous. Why is the hoverboard unbalanced? There are probably several reasons below:

  • The hoverboard had a hard hit or a fall, which will cause the board to roll over on the road.
  • The incorrect riding skills will make the pedal of the board not level, it will tilt.
  • One side of the hoverboard is turning slower than the other side.
When the smart hoverboard is unbalanced, what we need to do to fix it is to recalibrate the board. It is very simple, and will only take about one minute time.
  1. Make sure your hoverboard is turned off.
  2. Make sure the hoverboard is on a flat, level surface, we can put it on a table.
  3. Adjust the hoverboard and make sure it is placed completely level and even. It should not be tilting forwards or backwards or left uneven.
  4. Press and hold the power button for 5 to 10 seconds, or until you hear the second beep, then let your finger go.
  5. Now the board is under recalibrating process. The front lights or the system indicator light will begin to flash. After the lights have stopped flashing, go ahead and turn off your hoverboard.
  6. Turn the hoverboard back on, and now the re-calibration is done.

The process is very simple, right? You can also watch the video (take the Segway smart hoverboard for example) so you will not miss any steps.If the post is helpful, or you have any question, please comment below.

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how long is recalibration supposed to take?


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