OBARTER X1 Electric Scooter -Your Best Choice of Off-road E-scooter

OBARTER X1 electric scooter review post

If you say the OBARTER X1 electric scooter is the best off-road electric scooter with price less than $1000, I totally agree with you.  

  • Powerful motor and ability

The sturdy aluminum alloy body OBARTER X1 electric scooter is equipped with a powerful 48V, 1000W brushless motor, which supports a max speed of 45km/h and max RPM of 1050. The electric scooter comes with an excellent disc braking system both on front and rear wheels, a large capacity battery to enable you to ride the incredible X1 for an extended period with ease.

  • Big off-road wheels, shock absorption with good riding experience

The OBARTER X1 electric scooter comes with 10 inch off-road and fat tires that make it possible for you to ride the escooter from off-road to the urban street. The scooter also has a very good shock absorption system inside. Besides, the electric scooter supports 3 speed modes, so you can control the highest speed from 15km/h to 25km/h and 45km/h. The X1 electric scooter also supports constant cruise function, all of these will promise you a comfortable experience while riding the scooter.

  • Foldable & portable

The X1 electric scooter is foldable, and the scooter only weighs 25kg, which makes it incredibly portable and easy to store. The scooter supports the maximum weight of 120kg, it is applicable for most of the riders. Additionally, It also tackles 35° of steep hills with ease. The OBARTER scooters are known for giving a comfortable and sturdy riding experience.

  • LCD smart dispaly, LED headlights

The electric scooter comes with an LCD on the handle, which shows you the speed you are riding on, the speeding mode, the battery life, riding time, etc. The electric scooter comes with 4 light bead, 12-48v LED headlight and brake light, steering light for your safe riding at night.

  • 20AH large battery capacity

The OBARTER X1 comes with a 20AH lithium large-capacity battery, which can offer an approximate 50km maximum mileage, and the battery can be recharged over 300 times. If you are looking for an escooter with large battery capacity, big wheel, powerful, and even you want to ride on some places with poor road conditions outside the city, the X1 electric scooter is your perfect commuting partner.


OBARTER X1 electric scooter video


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The obarter X1 is a fantastic electric scooter.

Dwayne Lloyd

Attractive! It is good looking and in good quality.

John Peter

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