Megawheels S10 Electric Scooter with 7.5Ah Large-capacity Battery

Megawheels S10BK electric scooter review

The electric scooter is getting more and more popular and becoming a bigger part of transportation in the world, especially in Europe. That’s why so many electric scooter manufacturers enter this area and want to be the top supplier for this product. The Megawheels company is one of them.


The S10 electric scooter is the new model that comes after the S1, S8 and S5 e-scooters from the company. It will be released in the first 2 months of 2020, and now it is about the time to expand and analyze this scooter. 

Price and availability

The S10 electric scooter will be sold in the US and EU countries, it has passed the UL and CE certification before in the customer’s hand. Anyway, do check whether the electric scooter is legal to use in your country before ordering.

The estimated price will be 359 USD/EUR for this product, please take the real price as a basis when it comes out. This price is not high for these kinds of commuting electric scooters that are already existed in the market. Consider the specifications below, it is a worthwhile buying mid-range e-scooter.

Appearance & Design

The S10 is an electric scooter designed for adults/teenagers, it is rather tall. With a weight of around 12kg, it is not easy for kids to carry it anywhere they go. The scooter is designed to be foldable, it only needs a few seconds to fold the scooter by lifting the buckle, pushing the pole and then fixing the folding hook to the hook hole on the rear fender.

When concerning about the size, it is 108*43*115cm when unfolding (the folding size is 108*43044cm). There is an LED display on the top of the hole, which shows the battery bar, instant speed, speed level, and light status. The bright LED light is in the front of the hole, it provides the possibility to ride the electric scooter at night. On the left, it is the electronic brake valve and the accelerator throttle on the right of the display.

A left button below the display turns the scooter on when you press it, toggles the headlight by pressing the button twice when the e-scooter is on and turns the scooter off with a hold. You also can change the speed mode with the right button.

There’s a kickstand on the left side of the deck near the back, which we found easy to open with just one nimble kick, and it’s easy to get used to doing so absentmindedly.

For the pedal, it is made with wood. The wood material has a good capacity for damping, and it is more lightweight. It fits the thought of building the lightweight and portable electric scooter perfectly.

Besides, the S10 electric scooter adopts two 8.0-inch wheels, an inflatable front tire, and a solid rear tire. The designer put the motor and rear-wheel together. And the 8.0-inch wheel scooter is enough and comfortable to ride on the road.

Battery & Motor

The S10 electric scooter is equipped with a 7.5Ah/36V Chinese battery with 30 pieces of 18650 battery cells. The manufacturer implies that it can ride 17-22km with a full charge. But there are also test data that come out that the range is 19.19km when the rider’s weight is 75kg, and the range will be decreased when the rider with a heavier weight. When compared to the former model S1 and S5, the battery capacity is performing better. You can charge the scooter with the original 42V/2A charger, and the charging time is suggested to be 4 hours.

The motor for the S10 electric scooter is 250W. With this motor, it is deemed to not be a monster vehicle. But it is suitable to ride in the city and county with a good road condition.

Riding Performance

The Megawheels S10 electric scooter supports 3-speed modes, they are economy mode, normal mode, and fast mode. Each speed mode has a top speed (12km/h, 20km/h and 25km/h), so the rider can set the speed mode first before riding. You can easily change between them by double-pressing the button. By the way, we suggest you not to set this speed mode when riding.

There is one thing that we need to know. The electric scooter is a non-zero start-up, which means that the rider must kick your one foot backward to get an initial speed and then press the accelerator on your right hand to speed up the scooter. After you turn on the electric scooter, if you press the accelerator directly, it won’t move. If this situation happens, don’t worry. What is the advantage of the non-zero start-up? I guess it is for safety concerns. Let’s imagine this scene when you are not so familiar with the scooter accelerator, press the throttle heavily and without any preparation. The electric scooter will be going to rush forward. It is very dangerous.

The S10 electric scooter is a big scooter, and you are getting a lot of power from inside. It feels particularly great for roads, suitable for the office workers and students in high school or college. More details, please stay tuned for the release of the electric scooter 1 or 2 months later, I think it won’t disappoint all of us.

Megawheels S10 electric scooter video

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