After-sale Service

After-sale service for different brands

SAMEBIKE after-sale & warranty

The SAMEBIKE is large goods, so the tail logistics express cost is very expensive (about 60 ~ 100usd / unit), in principle, non-major quality problems do not support return and exchange services. Minor quality problems using compensation + parts replacement service. Major quality problems that need to be repaired will be returned to Poland. And after repaired, we will send it back to customer. Transportation rubbing problems using compensation paint scheme is not used as a reason for return and replacement.

Warranty policy:

SAMEBIKE offers one year warranty. In order to confirm the malfunction, the customer needs to offer the order number, malfunction video/ photos/ descriptions as well as the serial number of the eBike (if needed).

Battery (can't charge, mileage less than 20%): 1 year

Motor (not working): 1 year

Controller (error code): 1 year

Charger (can not charge): 1 year

Display (error code): 1 year

Booster (no power, insensitive): 1 year

Lights (not working): 1 year


Mankeel after-sale terms and warranty

For users who have purchased Mankeel electric scooter or electric bikes on our webiste, we will provide you with a one-year free warranty service. Within 7 days from the purchase of the product, if the product cannot be used normally due to product quality problems, you can apply for return and replacement. If the product fails under normal use according to the user manual, the buyers can send it back to Mankeel company with the warranty card, they will provide you with the after-sales service within the warranty period. After the warranty period expires, the Mankeel company will charge related fees for products that need to be maintained and updated.

Service Policy
1. The main body of the electric scooter frame and the main pole are guaranteed for one year
2. The other main components include motors, batteries, controllers, and instruments. The warranty period is 6 months.
3. Other functional parts include headlights/taillights, brake lights, instrument housing, fenders, mechanical brakes, electronic brakes, electronic accelerators, bells, and tires. The warranty period is 3 months.
4. Other exterior parts including frame surface paint, decorative strips, and foot pads are not included in the warranty.

In any of the following situations, it is not covered by the free warranty and will be repaired with a fee.
1. Failure caused by the user’s failure to use, maintain and adjust in accordance with the “Instruction Manual”.
2. The damage caused by the user’s self-modification, disassembly, and repair, and the failure caused by non-compliance with the use regulations.
3. Failure caused by improper storage by the user or accident.
4. The valid invoice, warranty card, factory number is inconsistent with the model or altered.
5. Damage caused by long-term riding in the rain and immersion in water (this clause is only for Mankeel electric scooter products).


Freego after-sale terms and warranty

1. Warranty period

The Freego electric scooter's limited warranty is valid for 24 months (see "Warranty terms" below) and is effective from the time the scooter leaves the factory. As a manufacturer based in China, Freego only offers 24 months of online technical support and parts repair services. The buyer is required to repair the product at his own expense. Freego offers free training during the warranty period.

2. The warranty includes:

Motherboard /PCB: 12 months

Motor: 12 months

Battery: 12 months (if you don't use the scooter, you have to charge it fully once a month.)

Charger: 12 months

Note: The tire, inner tube, and all the plastic parts (handlebars, mudguard, cover) and metal parts (handlebar, front pole, screw bolt) are not covered for the warranty.

3. Part replacement (repair) terms

If the buyer wishes to replace the part, he must first contact the seller to obtain approval for the returned part, and then send the defective part to Freego's factory in China for testing. If Buyer discovers the defective part within 2 months of receipt of the product, Buyer shall pay the shipping cost to China, and Freego shall be responsible for repairing or replacing the part and sending it back to Buyer at Freego's expense. If buyer discovers the defective part after 2 months of receiving the product, the buyer is responsible for all shipping costs and taxes. Once the warranty period expires, Buyer will be responsible for purchasing new parts, repairing and paying all costs for shipment.

4. The warranty excludes:

Battery damage caused by improper use, such as using an unapproved charger, the battery not charging for a long time, etc.

Water damage caused by improper use in snow, wet or flood conditions is not included. Our products are rainproof, not waterproof. Please use with caution!

Damage caused by accidents, disasters or improper use (e.g. racing, jumping, etc.) is not covered.

Damage caused by non-compliance with user manuals or failure to follow proper maintenance procedures is not included.

This warranty does not cover damage or loss of packages due to courier service.