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AOVO Asiwo Turbo Seascooter

AOVO Asiwo Turbo Seascooter

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About the Asiwo Turbo underwater scooter

  1. Warehouse: America /Germany
  2. Shipping method: UPS/DPD
  3. Shipping fee: Free
  4. Shipping to: America, the whole EU countries
  5. Delivery time: It varies from 2 to 8 days
  6. Color: 3 colors available (white, green and yellow)

AOVO Asiwo Turbo Seascooter feature

  • Compact underwater scooter: designed to fit in your airplane carry-on, Compatible with Go Pro/ LED Light Mount.
  • Powerful motor: dual thrusters provide up to 19.84lb power, reaching 3.5 mph swimming and diving experience, exploring 30m underwater world.
  • Long-lasting removable battery performs up to 30 mins running time in the water and takes only 2-3 hour refilling it with full power.
  • Ideal for Water Parks, Shallow Dives, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Ocean Diving, Aquariums, Chasing with 3-level-speed.
  • Positive buoyancy material selection for keeping it floated in the water all the time while you need to pause it or change the battery.


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